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A day in the life of a Secondary CNET, Part II

Secondary CNET and co-editor, Dominic Moore, provides an insight into his usual day of teaching.

7:00 AM BEEP BEEP. It’s the sound of the police. No - that’s just my alarm. I snooze it a couple of times before rolling out of bed. Twenty minutes later and I’m out of the door on the way to work.

7:20 AM It takes me about forty minutes to get to my school on the MTR, costing me $3.20 (32p). Today, I picked up a croissant and a sandwich at Ho Man Tin MTR station for my breakfast. I normally have peanut butter and banana on toast but I had a busy weekend so forgot to buy any bread.

8:00 AM I arrive at school ten minutes before my clock-in time. I am not teaching until 8:40am so I read the news whilst eating my breakfast and having a coffee at my desk (knowing how basic I am, Chatteris put me at a school with a coffee machine).  After catching up on the news, I make sure I have the materials I need for my first lesson.

8:40 AM I arrive at the classroom to teach my third form class: there are sixtee…

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