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Hot Plate Struggles, Part 1

Chatteris' own Charlotte Bland, helps us navigate Hong Kong's cosy kitchens.

I can rhyme off so many positives about living in Hong Kong. From never being more than a bus ride away from a beautiful beach, to the weather, to the happy hour deals that are guaranteed to make you happier than you ever thought possible; Hong Kong is great. That is, until, you’re in the world's tiniest kitchen trying to cook yourself a decent meal with no big oven or microwave in sight and just a hot plate for company.

Over the course of the year, I’ve definitely had to adapt my usual meals and get creative in my questionably sized ‘kitchen’. Here are a few of my go-to recipes that are Hong Kong and hot-plate friendly.
Pre-payday Chilli Ridiculously easy and pretty tasty (if I do say so myself). All you need is one big pan to cook it all in, so it’s perfect for when you’re in a rush or can’t face a pile of washing up. It makes enough for a couple of meals and if I double up the ingredients and have …

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