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Street Food Touring, Part 1

Chatteris' own Danny Boyle ventures on a thrifty exploration of Hong Kong's varied street food culture because, in his own words, 'no money la.'
When roaming the streets of Hong Kong it's impossible not to see street food absolutely everywhere. From the dim sum shops with their huge bamboo steamers to the snack stalls packing enough deep fried delights to clog an artery, whether you just want a little treat or to hop stalls till your fit to burst, this city has you covered.
But as nice as all the fried chicken and hot dogs are, what about the street food that looks a little bit more... obscure? This is a blog to delve stomach deep into the local street food scene and take a nibble at any other organs we encounter along the way. 
Our first port of call are the humble Hong Kong snack stalls...

You can find these absolutely anywhere and everywhere and although you can be pretty safe going up and ordering a hotdog on a stick, that's just the tip of the anatomical i…

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