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Xiaomi The Money

CNET and proud Xiaomi owner Ash Measures delves into why seemingly everyone in Chatteris has converted to Xiaomi

Being part of Chatteris means you are inducted into quite a few eclectic crazes such as Club 7/11, HK McDonalds Lovers Association and ESA (engage, study, activate); however, the most prevalent and dominating is the Xiaomi bandwagon. The budget phone manufacturer is hardly mentioned in the West, despite being the 4th largest phone maker in the world - and by the far the most popular within CNET circles. Gone are the days of the $6000HKD (600 GBP) iPhone I left in a taxi and, instead, in with the glory of my Redmi 5 Plus. It may seem weird to those outside of Hong Kong to buy your phone from the same place that sells cheap rice cookers but the craze is strong. There are many circulating rumours of how the Xiaomi fascination started, but one thing is true...there is no better unpaid salesman within Xiaomi's workforce than senior CNET Elaine. The unappointed brand ambassado…

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