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Day Trip to Europe... I mean Macau

Post-secondary CNET and itinerary extraordinaire, Hannah Wilson, talks us through a day out in Macau.
My boyfriend came to visit me in Hong Kong and when I asked him what his favourite part of Hong Kong was... he said 'Macau'. Macau isn't Hong Kong but it is the perfect place for a day trip. It is only 1 hour away on the ferry, which costs around £30 for a return trip. Also, HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) is widely accepted, so there is no need to exchange money. However, some places will give you your change in MOP (Macanese Pataca), but you can easily use up the change on the public buses. These all cost 6HKD or 6MOP (60p) per person per journey. I found the buses to be very efficient and simple to use, but they can get very busy and overcrowded. It's best to ask the tourist information desk at the ferry port, although the staff aren’t the most friendly or enthusiastic, they will tell you which bus routes you need to take to each place that you want to visit.

Macau consists of…

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