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Aussie Football, Rules!

Join Clayton on his high-speed rail adventure to Guangzhou to play Aussie Rules Football!
Living overseas can sometimes make you feel like you’ve lost part of your identity. I don’t know whether it’s being surrounded by Brits every day or what, actually yes it’s definitely being surrounded by Brits... I’ve started to speak slower and clearer, talk about things like Brexit and Gregg’s (who even is Greg?) and changed my vocabulary so people don’t look at me too funny when I put on my thongs. However, enough was enough. It was time to do something about it. Time to to get true blue ridgy-didgie Aussie once again. Time to play some Aussie Rules Football. (No, Aussie rules is not ‘what we call rugby in Australia’, it’s Australia’s largest sport with 18 professional teams in the Australian Football League - check it out here).

After a quick Google search for a Hong Kong team, I got in contact via email with the HK Dragon’s Team (a community of expats who represent Hong Kong in the South China…

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