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Local Library Storytelling

Senior CNET and storytelling superstar, Abbey Johnson, shares a Chatteris outreach project very close to her heart.
Chatteris is involved in many different community projects around Hong Kong; from working with special needs students to fundraising for different charities, there is always something going on. Since my first year with Chatteris, I have been involved with the local library storytelling, which is by far my favourite community activity. It is a programme that I feel makes a large impact on the students that attend, and directly promotes Chatteris’ mission of making English accessible to all, regardless of income or ability.

Each weekend, students from Hong Kong’s most underserved areas are invited to join in with English crafts and storytelling led by CNETs. The students vary, as some weeks it can be two year old babies, and other times they can be as old as seven or eight. Despite the variety in ages, the students all have one thing in common; they are enthusiastic about le…

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