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Four podcasts for the morning MTR

Chatteris' own Ashley Measures talks us through some podcasts that will make your commute fly by...
The weekday daily ritual of every CNET normally involves a period of time squashed between two fellow commuters on the train. If you get lucky, you may get that one good chair at the end of the seats which means you are only crammed into one person instead. With so little room to manoeuvre your limbs, podcasts are one way to use your time on Hong Kong’s fine transport system more productively. Here are just four recommendations for podcasts to replace that one song you keep on repeat and the only reason you have Spotify premium.
Above left: Unfiltered ft. the man who took our beloved Turkey Twizzlers away.
The Doug Stanhope Podcast Comedians having podcasts is nothing new, the most famous range from Joe Rogan to Bill Burr, but Doug Stanhope isn’t an ordinary comedian. Stanhope prefers small venues despite his popularity (recently performing a Hong Kong show in a central restaurant) and …

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