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A Day in the Life of a STEM EF

Chatteris employs STEM English Facilitators who work with the engineering departments on their campuses. Here, Chatteris' own Ronnie Clark reveals how a day in the life of a STEM EF pans out…

Although I’m formally based in Tsing Yi, being a STEM EF has given me the opportunity to regularly teach classes at various different schools around Hong Kong, and today is no exception. I start my day off at 9:30 by teaching a lesson about presentation skills at a campus in Wan Chai. This consists of me trying to convince around 15 half asleep teenage boys that presentations aren’t so bad and nobody is going to burn you at the stake if you make a mistake whilst speaking. Naturally they don't believe me, so I somehow force them to get up and present to me and each other a description of the pen that they’re using to make notes. Most of the students simply tell me it’s a pen and run away back to their friends and giggle, however today one boy tells me that his pen “is a device for changing…

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