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Top Tips for Visiting China

Chatteris’ own Alice Sherlock shares her tips to make your trip to China stress-free
With Hong Kong being so near to China, it’s the perfect excuse to visit. Yes, it can be a challenging country to visit, and it does require a little more adaptability than other destinations, but it’s a trip that leaves you very rewarded and eager to see more.

Before planning my three week trip last year, I spent endless evenings researching, from best things to eat, apps to download, and little tips and tricks to help me. And guess what? Whilst these were all super helpful, I still realised that my extensive research didn’t even touch upon the things I discovered along the way. So here you go, everything I wish I’d known and is necessary for a successful first visit to China…
Visa First things first, you’re going to need a visa. I decided to take the plunge and go with an agency as I’d heard from many others that going directly with the Chinese embassy is incredibly time-consuming, albeit a tiny bit chea…

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