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A Weekend Trip to Taipei

Chatteris' own Jude Holmes grabs her passport and takes us through a weekend trip to Taipei!
It’s a minute to clock-out time, and I usually only count the seconds when I’m trying to make a free-flow (seriously though, you try racing the clock at rush hour from Sha Tin to Central). But today I’m holding a heavier bag than usual and this destination requires a passport; I’m about to have a weekend trip to Tapei! Thanks to the speedy MTR, I arrive at the airport in plenty of time to get through security and grab some food before buckling up for under 2 hours (so short I couldn’t watch a whole film!). Arriving in Taipei, security takes a little longer than I expect before I jump on the commuter train to the central station (if possible, grab the express train as it shaves 20 mins off your time!). Swapping lines once, I walk the last bit to the hostel, noticing how quiet and safe Taipei feels already just before I pass out in my bed.
Getting my bearings better in the daylight, I make th…

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