Sunday, 26 February 2017

Weekend Wander: Po Lo Shan

Hong Kong is more than just a concrete jungle. In fact, the ease at which you can hop from bustling cityscapes to natural landscapes is one of Hong Kong's most endearing features. And with around 70% of the region being covered in lush countryside, there's no shortage of hikes to escape on.

Hike Name: Po Lo Shan (Pineapple Dam)

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Medium

Hong Kong seems to have a bit of a thing for the texture of a pineapple. Pineapple buns, a much-loved sweet snack in Hong Kong, don’t have an ounce of pineapple in them and are so named because their crumbly texture resembles that of the fruit. The same logic applies to Po Lo Shan – the ‘Pineapple Dam’. This is a true out of the way hike, so much so that you can see China in the distance as you trek. That’s not all this hike has to offer though. There are luscious hills; Hong Kong’s answer to the Grand Canyon; plenty of Mars-esque terrain and, to round it off, a marshy beach (Ha Pak Nai) which is heralded as one of Hong Kong’s best sunset spots. All of this is packaged together in a hike which might get you breaking a bit of a sweat but shouldn't cause you too many issues. Sometimes going the distance isn’t a bad thing.

Getting there: Take the MTR or bus to Siu Hong (purple West Rail Line) then take Light Rail 505 to Leung King. The trail starts just off Tin King Road. To return, take the green minibus (33) from Ha Pak Nai back to the MTR station. If you are returning after sunset, be aware that the minibus queue will be very, very long, especially at the weekend.

The 'Bible' of hiking in Hong Kong - Hike Hong Kong - is one of the best resources out there for budding hikers in the region. There are a wealth of hikes on there with easy-to-follow directions and pictures to each one.

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