Hong Kong is a vast beast, it is beautiful and wonderful, and Chatteris has allowed us to explore this corner of the world. This blog is a space for people across Chatteris, whether Junior or Senior CNETs (Chatteris Native English Teachers) or Programme Managers, to tell you about their experiences of teaching, of community programmes, Chatteris Love activities, and more.

In this blog, we will share experiences and advice from a vast range of schools to show the range of activities, responsibilities and schedules that are adopted by CNETs. Chatteris itself is something we want to shout about. It has been here for us helping us along and bringing us all together.

They provide mentors and help with flat hunting as well as support with schools.  There is also a strong social side to Chatteris. There are the Chatteris Love activities running every Wednesday which allow CNETs to gather and share something they’re really passionate about, this ranges from Arabic tasters to Debate nights. There are also plenty of groups to join like the Swimming Club and the Dragon Boat Team.  Chatteris also offers numerous and unique opportunities to volunteer and impact the local community. There are English programmes working with charities that help young offenders and story-telling in local libraries, all of which we hope to document in weekly posts.

Working with an educational charity teaching English in schools has been a great way for so many of us to get to grips with the city. We have been able to learn and do things here which many of us had never imagined. Our students never cease to surprise us and they make every day a new adventure. CNETs schedules and routines may differ, but all of us get to connect with our students and this brings a real interaction with the city around us.

Outside of the classroom some of us have been able to travel and see the ruins of Angkor Wat and the fine beaches of Thailand. Others have been getting to grips with the musical tones of Cantonese. We have all learnt that Hong Kong’s dumplings are to be cherished.

You can read all about it here and if this is something which excites you we want to hear from you, and you can apply here.  


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