Chatteris' own resident wordsmith Akbar Khan offers his poetic take on his new life in Hong Kong

Inspired once again,
Could be all the new friends
Could be my old job coming to an end
Could be the new job, new career
First time teaching
Probably the fear
Either way…
Got new wheels to steer

Having to watch my language
When teaching kids English
Use caution when bantering
As these kids will absorb anything
Since it’s all about portraying an ideal role model
Keeping your cool is hard pill to swallow
Especially when surrounded with smiles on adorable faces
Still can’t believe I’m teaching in Hong Kong of all places

Great sense of humour
Never a bother
Always laughing, smiling and asking
& kick off my day with at least 10 Good Mornings

Though I gotta say
Loving each and every day
& these kids bring out the best in me   
Keeping me honest and friendly
If this is the first month
For the rest of this school year
… I’m ready


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