An Ode to Bibimbap

For our second poem this year, Oscar Ponton offers his take on the delicious Bibimbap (best sampled at Jordan's iconic Haru Haru)

Bibimbap, bibimbap
How I love you so
Korean food delicacies
Wrapped in a bowl
Hot to the touch, beware
Of it's bite
Break up the egg
For a tender delight
Yolk streaks through
This kingdom of five
Where nutrients meet
Sweet treats, well fried
Spring onion, sliced carrot,
A bean of some sorts
Cucumber, seaweed
In a rich egg sauce
They combine like g dragon
And his crew in a trance
Cutting shapes through soy sauce
As my chopsticks dance
Through a banquet hotpot
Drink it down with sweet soju
gluttony in a bowl
From my beloved haru haru


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