Let's Make Some Noise For Those TY Radio Boys!

Wondering what it's like to work for Chatteris on a Post-Secondary campus? Chatteris' own Adam Bennett is on hand to talk us through TY Radio, an on-campus radio station that has come to take up a large part of time for PCs at the IVE Tsing Yi campus

If it’s half past two at IVE Tsing Yi, that can only mean one thing...it’s time to make some noise for those TY Radio boys!

When we arrived at Tsing Yi as fresh-faced new Chatteris PCs (all those three long months ago), there was admittedly a pinch of reluctance on our part at the idea of taking over ‘TY Radio’ (the in-house radio station at our post-secondary campus). The idea is that every day we drag in however many unwitting students we can get our hands on to interrogate them live, in English, whilst the whole thing blares out around the near-endlessly large campus canteen. It seemed intimidating for us and downright nightmarish for the kids.

However, a few minutes into our first show it dawned on all of us- nobody on this campus of over one thousand students and staff was taking TY Radio seriously and that was absolutely brilliant.

Above: One CNET is lost for words - a rare occasion on TY Radio

Now, at 2:30pm every day, one hour of lightly regulated carnage ensues. A loose series of questions to ask our student guests (normally knocked together at quarter past two that afternoon) provides the only semblance of structure as the conversation whizzes from the importance of language-learning to whether ducks have teeth, often without so much as a music break to separate them.

Beneath the shambolic exterior (and amidst the equally shambolic interior), there is some educational value to be found in TY Radio. Yes, really! For the entirety of the first semester, we’ve been inviting our fellow Chatteris PCs onto the show to talk us through their experiences of learning a second language, as well as asking the ever-important question of whether they would rather fight a duck the size of a horse or ten duck-sized horses.

So even if you don’t have the frankly outrageous good fortune of getting to work at IVE Tsing Yi, you can still pop in to appear on the show! The guests we have had visit us have ranged from the sublime (one guest switching from fluent Hungarian to Japanese in the blink of an eye) to the ridiculous (another guest trying to conceal the fact she spoke Cantonese so that the students didn’t find out, all whilst discussing a mysterious ‘second language’ she had picked up).

Above: Chatteris PCs get to grips with whatever meaty subject being discussed on one edition of TY Radio

As for the students, their reactions to the show are admittedly quite mixed. The show is recorded in a kind of glass box at one end of the canteen so it’s always fun to point out and talk directly to students, who often take that opportunity to become intensely fascinated by their own shoes as their faces turn a brighter red than the ketchup they’ve used to slather on their mid-afternoon snacks. For some students, though, radio truly is their calling. I’ll always remember one girl finishing her food and running up to our glass box, tapping on the window and announcing ‘I AM COMING NOW’ before bursting into the studio to talk about where she wanted to travel for her next holiday.

Overall, the show is simply great fun. Truthfully, none of us really wanted to do TY Radio when we arrived at Tsing Yi, but it has unquestionably become the best part of our working day. Whatever you end up getting asked to do when you work for Chatteris, it’s always worth saying yes. You can never tell how much fun you’ll wind up having.


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