Helpful HK Apps & Websites

Chatteris' own Charlotte Bland talks us through some must-have Hong Kong apps and websites.

Easily navigate your new city with this app. Put in your location and your destination and it’ll give you all the different transport options to get there, the time taken and even the price. Coming from a small town (where you’re lucky if your Northern Rail train even bothers turning up), the MTR was a minefield at first but this app will help you master it in no time. If I can navigate Hong Kong, anyone can.

Book beauty treatments super quickly with no awkward phone call miscommunications or waiting forever for the salons to answer... Pick your treatment, salon, time and pay online via card or PayPal. Great for last minute bookings and sometimes you can even grab yourself a decent discount so it's worth checking out.

HappyCow Free
This app has saved me from going hungry many times. Tell it where you are and it generates a list of all the vegetarian/vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants nearby. It has their opening hours, ratings, reviews and photos to help you make a good choice before the hanger takes hold. 
It also works well all over Asia- it found me the best vegetarian pho in Vietnam and some amazing veggie kebabs in the Philippines. 

Genius Scan
Bit of a boring one but it saves time in work waiting for the printers/scanners to be free. Take a photo of the document you want to scan and it’ll be instantly aligned, cropped and clear. You can save it or send it as a PDF via email. It's a good idea to get a copy of your passport on here so you always have a backup on your travels.

So you hit happy hour pretty hard and you've seen better days. By some miracle, you've managed to make it home, with your bank card, although your dignity can probably be found somewhere within the walls of Posto. This app let’s you order hangover food from restaurants all over Hong Kong in seconds. Enough said.

A T10 (typhoon) signal over here is basically the equivalent of a snow day back in the U.K. Granted, you can't go outside to make snowmen, or go outside at all really, but you do get a day off work! Make sure you don’t get out of bed for nothing with this app. 

OpenRice is a site I've found really useful in Hong Kong as a vegetarian on a budget. I've never really bothered to check out restaurants before eating, relying more on word of mouth or vibes, but having the services of OpenRice has been so useful this year, I don't think I'll be going back to my risk-taking ways! 
-Max Price

I've discovered one called Eatigo. It basically gives you big discounts (sometimes 50% off your entire bill) on Hong Kong restaurants if you book a table through the app. It saves me an actual fortune since all I spend my money on is food.
-Abbey Johnson

Keep yourself in the loop with all things Hong Kong. Updated regularly, this site is jam-packed with restaurant and bar recommendations, helpful holiday guides, beauty treatment reviews and lots of discount codes. Every week they post about upcoming weekend events so you’ll never miss something fun again.

An easy way to meet like-minded people, especially when you’re new to Hong Kong. Learn a new language, try out some dance classes, go on a hike or give some free yoga classes a go. It’s free to sign up and easy to get involved in a wide array of different activities. This site led me to a random Buddhist meditation class in which I hopelessly attempted to chant in Tibetan, tried to ignore the fact I'd lost all feeling in my legs and desperately tried to hold in hysterics after catching my friend's eye. The free tea and the attendees were lovely though!

Basically Hong Kong's version of Groupon, as soon as you find the button to translate the site into English. You'll find loads of deals on here and save yourself some precious HKD.

With so many expats coming and going, you’re bound to find cheap or even free household items on here from beds to wardrobes and sofas to TVs that people need to get rid of quickly. You can hire a GoGo Van cheaply to go and collect larger/multiple items, though you may need to bribe some friends with beer and eternal gratitude for helping you carry stuff. Definitely give this site a look before you go spending all of your first pay cheque in IKEA. But probably still take a trip to IKEA because...the food.


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