5 Delicious Meals for Under 50HKD

Budgeting can be tough out here in Hong Kong, but fortunately Chatteris' own Abbey Johnson is on-hand with 5 delicious meals you can devour for under 50HKD...

The end of a month is a lean time for CNETs. Payday is a distant memory, and you find yourself regretting going on three junk boats (and two free-flow brunches) earlier in the month as you tuck into cup noodles for the third day in a row. However, we believe you can still enjoy delicious food on a very tight budget. We have come up with five cheap eats that will fill your belly for $50 or under, making sure that you stay on track financially.

Korean Takeaway, Prince Edward

If you are wanting something fast, cheap, and exceedingly delicious then do not look further than Korean Takeaway in Prince Edward. Nestled on the corner of Nathan Road and Boundary Street, Korean Takeaway’s menu (and name) is almost entirely in Chinese, but fortunately there will be one word you understand: bibimbap. This fried rice and vegetable bowl comes in at around $35, with options for extra meat or veggies. For the non-vegetarians, the fried chicken is a worthy investment of $28. This huge portion will sort out your hunger pangs and fill you with motivation to make your budget last til payday.

R&R Bagels, Central

Breakfast is a big deal in Central. While a classic prosecco brunch may be out of your budget, there is an alternative (and more wholesome) option. R&R Bagels is a cute cafe that is only a short stroll from Central MTR station and is perhaps the cheapest breakfast you’ll find on the Island outside of Pret a Manger. A cream cheese poppyseed bagel will only cost you $35 and if you’re wanting to splash out, you can add a coffee for an extra $28. If you don’t fancy eating your bagel in the shop, you can hop on the tram for $2 and enjoy your breakfast in Tamar Park while watching the boats on the harbour. Sunday breakfast has never been so chill (or cheap).

Above: A sneak peak inside of R&R Bagels.

White Beard, Central Pier

After a couple of cheap drinks at Beer Bay (a bar tucked into the Discovery Bay ferry pier), we’re sure the only thing on your mind is scarfing down an obscenely expensive kebab from Ebeneezer’s. But you can avoid the long walk to LKF and save some money if you simply wander into the Star Ferry terminal. Follow your nose and you will arrive at White Beard, Hong Kong’s best fish and chip shop. While not exactly like home, White Beard will scratch the itch with a large portion of chips for $45. If you are British and like to cover your chips in curry sauce/gravy/cheese/pure calories, you can have a small tub for an extra $20 . Never again will you pay expensive kebab prices after Beer Bay. Caution: causes a severe case of homesickness for Brits.

Above: The place where all your chippy dreams come true.

J.Co Donuts, Wan Chai & Mong Kok

After opening a new location in Mong Kok, J.Co donuts has finally brought their reasonably priced desserts to Kowloon-side. For just $16 a donut, J.Co is the perfect cheap snack to grab on a productive MK shopping trip or before work in the morning if you’re lucky enough to live nearby. Pick up a coffee for $20-$40 more, and you’ll be set for the afternoon. Top tip: have a black americano and a tiramisu donut. It’s the perfect combo.

Above: An okay donut selection.

Man Eating a Burger Place, Prince Edward

Lastly, we’re getting the red line all the way back to Prince Edward for the most secretive cheap brunch spot. There is no name, in Chinese or English, so just follow Tung Choi Street until you find a black sign with a white outline of a man eating a burger. We know how strange this sounds, but please trust us. Wander inside the quirky cafe and enjoy some delicious poached egg and avocado toast for around $51. This hidden gem is rarely busy so it is one of the few places you can go for brunch late on a Sunday without having to wait in line. It is also worth whipping out some basic cantonese if you can, as the staff find it helpful and you may get served faster. When not on a budget, we recommend the eggs benedict ($80) or a pineapple chicken bao ($65).

Hopefully this cheap and cheerful list will help you make it through the toughest week of the month with a smile on your face. We’ve shown you that budget food does not have to be just beans, rice and a sense of disappointment any more. Enjoy!


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