Snapped in the Philippines

Chatteris' own Cleon Knight (who can be found here on Instagram) shares some of his favourite photos from his trip to the Philippines.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

During one of my Chatteris holidays, I went off on a week-long mini adventure with two friends to the Philippines. Before going, I regrettably admit that I knew next to nothing about the archipelago (yes, I hadn’t even realized that it was an archipelago – consisting of 7000 or so islands) which is only a few hours away from Hong Kong. All I knew was that it is known for nice beaches and Manila is the capital city.

Over the trip, I went to two islands: Palawan and Cebu. The three above photos were snapped while I was in El Nido, one of the more largely traversed tourist spots in Palawan. Here, I was graced with stellar sunsets, breathtaking landscapes (think James Cameron’s Avatar) and pristine beaches. The Philippines is undoubtedly a must-visit destination; from the views, the people (who are amongst some of the kindest I’ve ever come across) and the food, you should definitely consider it a place well worth the trip.


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