Day in the life of a Post-Secondary CNET - Campus Visiting!

Jude Holmes has abandoned her usual campus for the promise of fun and games at a Post-Secondary Halloween event.

I’ve just broken the first rule of campus visits - don’t say yes to visiting anywhere with a longer commute than your usual route. Rookie errors and earlier alarms are catching up with me as I roll out of bed, hoping that this isn’t an omen.

Fortunately it isn’t, as I walk half the distance to the bus where I meet PC (Project Coordinator) Gi as well as Kieran and Michelle who were also invited to the event. This is starting to feel like bring a friend to work day as we joke the whole 45 minute bus journey in and arrive in good time.

(From right to left) PC's Jude, Hannah, Gi, Kieran and Michelle dressed up and ready for the event!

I’m looking forward to this, my Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL) chose to host Oktoberfest as our event and as much as I loved dragging up my AS Level German for it’s first proper dust off in years, I’m excited to celebrate Halloween at today’s event. It’s a shame there’s less need for pretzels and non-alcoholic beer at a Halloween event but you can’t win ‘em all, eh?

Everyone knows the best part of a campus visit is the chance to snoop around and compare CILL sizes. Cue the “my CILL is nicer than yours”, “Well I’ve got a bigger sweet budget”, “well I suppose that makes up for your desk size doesn’t it?’ chat. At first glance, I’m disappointed to see that our CILL size is very comparable and they even have a better DVD collection than us. However, all is not lost as it turns out my CILL boards are bigger than theirs - phew! Michelle is close to tears as she realises her CILL is actually the size of a cupboard...but we comfort her - Michelle has the shorter commute.

We all chip in to set up the decorations, a banging Spotify playlist and stalls for students to earn stamps at - stamps mean sweets (make sure you run one of the more lucrative stalls so you can ‘earn’ as much sugar as possible for yourself!). Now it’s a case of welcoming students and running the stalls, made much easier by a strong and committed student team of helpers, even if we do occasionally have to steer them away from putting explicit music on the Spotify queue list.

Some of the pumpkins made by the students!

When packing up after the event, we got a chance to reflect on the day. Campus visits are a great chance to see how different campuses run and spot any good practises you can take back with you. For me, seeing the success of Halloween pong will lead me to run it enthusiastically on my own campus! It’s also nice to be part of a different atmosphere and mingle with new students. You get an insight into the proficiency across Hong Kong and can see how different activities play out with students. It’s a chance for you to take a breather from your own campus, learn some new things along the way and then go back rejuvenated with some fresh ideas to try out.


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