Make A House A Home - HK Edition

Primary CNET and home lover Jules Bold shares her top tips on how to make your house a home in Hong Kong!

There’s no getting away from it, Hong Kong ranks as one of the most expensive places to rent in the world due to a lack of space and a population of 7 million and prior to moving here, I had visions of myself living in a shoe-box sized unit. Luckily, this was not the case as I, and all other CNETs, found affordable and extremely livable accommodation within the first few weeks at Chatteris. Although it is smaller than what we are used to back in the UK, after 3 months my apartment already feels like home.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to give your teeny flat a sense of ‘hygge’: the Danish term to describe a feeling of cosiness... all on a CNET budget!

Most flats in HK come unfurnished, so our first job in making our flat feel homely was buying some furniture! This meant only one thing- a trip to Ikea, and in HK you’re not short of them with five conveniently dotted around the place. From furniture, to wall art and various other knick-knacks, Ikea has everything you could possibly need to bring a sense of hygge to your flat. Another perk of a trip to Ikea is the mandatory meatballs…

As any uni student knows, no rooms is complete without fairy lights!

Fairy Lights
Although Ikea is a great place to begin, make sure you head to the markets in Sham Shui Po to haggle your way to some real bargains. I managed to nab some 10m length fairy lights for a very reasonable 70HKD which instantly transformed our flat to create a warm, cosy feel.

Next on the list to transform your small space is plants! Plants immediately brighten up any small space and I bought three big ones to brighten up our kitchen as well as three small cacti for my room. Head to Prince Edward flower market for a wide array of options at great prices.

A carefully places plant and a other decorative pieces can help transform a windowsill!

Filling your flat with photos from back home is definitely a must. Remembering the good times back at uni/ other travels/ family events will make you less homesick and will fill those lovely off-white walls with a bit of colour.

Living Plaza
Finally, no blog post about making your flat feel homely would be complete without mentioning my favourite shop in Hong Kong- Living Plaza (located in Mong Kok, Jordan and Wan Chai). Think of it as the equivalent of a pound store in the UK but one that actually sells things you would want. From plates and frames to bathroom hooks, Living Plaza has you covered.

With these tips, you should have your tiny flat in Hong Kong feeling like home in no time. A final tip is to make sure you join Facebook groups such as Hong Kong expats to find furniture from expats that are leaving Hong Kong- you can get second-hand items at great prices or even completely free!


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