Top 5 things to do in your first week in Hong Kong

Chatteris' own Ashley Measures on making the most of week one.

1. Get a Sim Card

You land in Hong Kong on your first day, the heat hits you and you need to immediately text your mum, best friend, bae, group chat and your pet to tell them how hot it is. In order to do this, you need the ever precious data we rely on. Thankfully China Mobile offers the “Lite Data Package” - unlimited data for ten days for just 30HKD (£3). Don’t worry about where to get it either, just bring an unlocked smartphone and a SCNET will help you set it up.

2. Try Dim Sum

Dim Sum is the ultimate Hong Kong dining experience although Korean Barbeque is a close second. Dim Sum is a collection of dishes to be shared with everyone and drank with tea, dishes range in variety from shrimp dumplings to egg tart. Each restaurant has its own speciality so have a quick google before you go, my personal favourite is Tim Ho Wan and BBQ Pork Buns. Don’t be scared to try new dishes (the brave can order chicken feet) as they are all very cheap!

Above: The local delicacy of chicken feet which you may or may not grow to love.

3. Star Ferry

As your year in HK progresses you will do all the major sites like The Peak, Ten Thousand Buddhas and Big Buddha, but your first should always be Star Ferry. The Star Ferry costs just 2.5HKD (25p) and travels from TST to Central across Hong Kong Harbour. Rush to the top deck to see amazing sights of HK skyline and the waterfront. Word of warning, make sure to check the signs you are on the right ferry and don’t accidentally take the Ferry to a different island, it has happened….

4. Try and fail to master chopsticks

You may be taught the correct technique, which is apparently some way of holding one like a pen and using the other as a pincer, but the truth is you will embarrassingly fail fifteen times to pick up the last dumpling... Don’t even try with rice, it must be why they give me a spoon every time I visit my favourite local place. For years, you have used forks and never questioned your ability to handle basic cutlery but as you stuff your face with your hands out of frustration, you will.

5. Visit a 7/11

This may seem like a weird item to end this list end on, 7/11 is a convenience store you may have heard of before but in Asia this place is the Holy Grail. Need to get cash out, 7/11. Need to pay bills, 7/11. Mobile Top Up, 7/11. Top up your Octopus, you guessed it, 7/11. There is a 7/11 on every corner in Hong Kong, all open 24/7 just in case you truly need a Mars Bar at 3am in the morning. Then when you visit Lan Kwai Fong, the party central of Hong Kong, you discover the store turns into Club 7/11 with the cheapest beverages in the area!


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