How to remain on fleek in HK

Chatteris' own Jakub Zaborski on how to stay on fleek in the HK heat.

There are a lot of myths about makeup in Hong Kong: -It's super expensive -It's dominated by skincare products -It's almost impossible to find good, full, Western-style fake lashes -Lots of skin products are infused with bleach and other skin-whitening ingredients -Not many brands are vegan and cruelty-free -Generally, only Asian-style makeup is catered for (i.e. light & natural makeup, the very opposite of most Western-style makeup ideologies).

All of these myths are true. Especially if you're a makeup lover from somewhere like the UK, the US, or Canada, you're going to experience a bit of a learning curve coming to Hong Kong. This is for 3 main reasons: 1) The things mentioned above 2) HK is one of the most humid places in the world, with 80-90% air humidity being quite standard figures 3) Somehow seeing other people do their makeup a little bit more low-key, more natural, has some impact on you. Combine that with the humidity and I predict you will soon find yourself doing your makeup less often and less severely. It's not all bad though. There are definitely some places where you can get your Fenty, Jeffree Star and Anastasia Beverly Hills fix. You just have to dig a little. Or read on... is the obvious choice. You pretty much get everything you might expect from a Sephora with comparable prices (usually a little more as it's Hong Kong, duh, but it's okay). Unfortunately, you have to use the website as Sephora doesn't have a physical store in Hong Kong. However, they do free delivery for orders over $299 and often have discounts (i.e. a 15% off all makeup offer has just ended and lasted for a couple of weeks).

Above: Same product, 38 USD on vs 41 USD on

CTMA Centre There is one alternative I found to Sephora (for Western makeup brands) that I have come across. This place also includes some brands that Sephora doesn't carry (like Jeffree Star Cosmetics). The CTMA Centre is found on Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok. Go downstairs from the main ground floor and you will enter a coloured-contacts paradise and if you walk the entire perimeter (don't worry, the place is small), you will find a teeny tiny shop filled with Western makeup.

Above: In the picture you can see Milani, ColorPop, Urban Decay, Physicians Formula, ABH, Too Faced and NYX

Drugstore Alternatives Like I mentioned earlier, most local products cater more towards Asian-style makeup. Boots-style shops (or Ulta-style, for US friends) don't really exist here. The equivalents of 'drugstore' in Hong Kong are Sasa and Bonjour, which are found everywhere. They are okay for skincare (but beware of skin bleaching ingredients if that's not what you are after) and makeup is available at reasonable prices. It's worth noting that the colour options for foundation, powder and concealer can be very limited in HK so maybe save some space in your suitcase and bring your favourites from home.
Above: Typical makeup in a HK drugstore


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